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Translational Health

Strengthening health outcomes through improved communication

Dr. Melinda Villagran, a professor in Texas State's Department of Communication Studies, researches ways to improve the flow of information between healthcare professionals and their patients. Her goal is to break through the cultural, occupational or personal barriers that restrict patients' access to medical advice while providing physicians with the tools they need to be stronger communicators.

Navigating the intricacies of healthcare information can be difficult, but Villagran's research helps pave the way to better communication.

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Healthcare communication inefficiencies

  • 50%: Percentage of patients who leave the physician's office not understanding the doctor's orders
  • 13-21%: Percentage of malpractice suits that name "poor communication" as the cause
  • 0-2: Average number of questions a patient asks when meeting with a physician

Sources: Doctors Co., Orca Health

Rising Star - Dr. Melinda Villagran

Dr. Melinda Villagran is a professor and chair in the Department of Communication Studies. View her Texas State bio.

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