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Texas State University

Research Highlights

Teaching and Lifelong Learning

Resilient Societies

Helping to Debug the Digital Divide

Dr. Cathy Thomas

Advancing our Knowledge

Visualizing Research Competition

The Graduate College

Resilient Societies

Environmental Stewardship

Fermentation and the Production of Place

Dr. Colleen Myles

Environmental Stewardship

The Genetics of Disease in the Forests of Ecuador

Dr. David Rodriguez and Dr. Shawn McCracken

Environmental Stewardship

Uncovering the Roots of Environmental Problems

Dr. Jennifer Devine

Powering Innovation

Collaboration with NASA

Dr. Stan McClellan

Latin American Remittances

Dr. Diego Vacaflores

Resilient Societies

Igniting a Culture of Learning

Dr. Rebekah Fox

Translational Health


Unlocking the Genetics of Cancer

Ronald B. Walter 

Translational Health

Improving Delivery of Aerosolized Medications

Dr. Arzu Ari

Translational Health

Managing Medical Data to Save Lives

Dr. Ju Long

Resilient Societies

Protecting the Nation's Food Supply

Dr. Doug Morrish

Resilient Societies, Translational Health

Training to Combat Stress

Matt McAllister

Powering Innovation

Pushing the Limits of New Technologies

Dr. Mark Wistey

Resilient Societies

Setting the Standard in Training and Research

Dr. Bill Sandel

Rhythm, Meter and Meaning in Metal

Dr. Jose Garza

Resilient Societies

Growing and Healing in the Great Outdoors

Christine Norton

Resilient Societies

Exploring Consumer Behavior and Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Jiyun Kang

Teaching & Lifelong Learning

Preparing Stellar STEM Educators

Dr. Araceli Martinez Ortiz


Exploring the Depths of Human History

Dr. David Kilby

Our Areas of Impact

Texas State researchers are active in all fields. We focus on applied research that impacts state and national needs. Explore our impact areas to learn more about what we excel in.