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Texas State University

Areas of Impact

Texas State researchers are active in all fields. We especially excel in applied research that impacts state and national needs.

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Translational Health

Healthcare is multidisciplinary. Our researchers work together across traditional boundaries, engaging in applied research to improve health outcomes for people near the university and far.


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Leveraging genetic research in fish to understand human cancer treatment and prevention 

 — Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center

Researching innovative ways to make sure all Texas children have a chance to thrive

 — Lesli Biediger-Friedman

Developing simple yet high-tech tools for rapid point-of-care diagnostics 

— Shannon Weigum

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Resilient Societies

Serving our communities has long been a Texas State value. Through research into cognitive and emotional wellbeing, public safety and related topics, we are improving the quality of life for people in Texas and beyond.


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Providing evidence-based best practices for schools and school law enforcement 

— Texas School Safety Center

Investigating how parents develop their viewpoints on childhood vaccination 

— Emily Brunson

Exploring how engaging with music facilitates health development, reduces depression and anxiety, and increases academic development 

— Ray Cordero and Raphael Travis Jr.

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Teaching and Lifelong Learning

Texas State began as a normal school devoted to preparing new teachers, and we continue that legacy not only through providing degrees in education, but also with research into the myriad factors that influence teaching and learning at every stage of life.


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Qualitative research on student, teacher and administrator experiences of education equity or inequities 

— Melissa A. Martinez

Encouraging science, technology, engineering and math study among traditionally underserved youth 

— Araceli Martinez Ortiz

Assessing and improving writing instruction for students with disabilities 

— Stephen Ciullo and Alyson Collins

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Environmental Stewardship

With the San Marcos River flowing through our original campus, we’ve always been well positioned for environmental research. From right on our doorstep or around the globe, our researchers are investigating the natural world and how we interact with it.


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The genetic diversity of a chytrid fungus species and the amphibians it infects 

— David Rodriguez and Shawn McCracken

Understanding community forestry and narcodeforestation in Central America 

— Jennifer Devine

Using geographic tools and human behavior analysis to inform land management practices 

— Jason Julian

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Powering Innovation

Researchers at Texas State use imagination and determination to bring new ideas, processes and products to life. Our location within the Texas Innovation Corridor fosters a multitude of connections among industries and individuals in technical, entrepreneurial and creative fields.


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Groundbreaking method for 3D printing lithium-ion batteries 

— Christopher Rhodes and Sibo Niu

Developing augmented-reality medical training technology for the military 

— Alex Zakhidov

Using sensors and signal-processing methods to collect and translate raw data to address engineering challenges 

— Semih Aslan