Laboratories & Facilities

Asphalt machinery

Asphalt Laboratory

This state-of-the-art laboratory facility is fully equipped to conduct research and testing in several areas of asphalt technology. The lab is divided into four main sections: asphalt binder physical characterization, asphalt binder chemical characterization, aggregate characterization and asphalt mix design. The resources have enabled Asphalt research team to develop a well rounded research program capable of studying multiple areas of asphalt technology at both the applied and basic research levels.

Equipment in the lab includes:

  Rolling thin film oven

  Pressure aging vessel

  Rotational viscometer

  Dynamic shear rheometer

  Bending beam rheometer

  Gel permeation chromatography

  Visco 2000 viscometer

  Electronic mixers and systems

  Superpave gyratory compactor

Forensic Anthropology Research Facility

FARF is a 26-acre outdoor human decomposition facility, one of only seven such facilities in the nation and the largest of its kind in the world. The forensic science community uses this facility to learn about human decomposition, to develop methods for determining time since death, and to train medical-legal personnel in methods for searching and recovering human remains.

Researcher works with a human skull

Star park building

Science, Technology, and Advanced Research Park

STAR Park fosters institutional and industry partnerships with the aim of expanding knowledge, advancing research, and bringing new technology to market. As a business incubator, STAR Park combines infrastructure, processes, and human talent to nurture new and emerging commercial ventures based on applied research. The STAR One building’s private lab space is unique among Texas research incubators. STAR Park tenants have access to secure, specialized facilities such as wet labs and clean rooms, along with office space and conference rooms.

Stats & Features

  36,000 total sq. ft.

  14,266 sq. ft. of laboratories and engineering/prototyping space

  Private Offices

  Shared working space

  Conference rooms

  Common areas

Computer Aided Design Labs

Two CAD labs contain 60 computers for student use.

Electronics Lab

This lab provides access to software for courses in industrial technology, engineering technology and manufacturing engineering.

Grady Early Forensic Anthropology Laboratory

GEFARL is is fully equipped for 3D imaging, histomorphometry and osteometry. Osteological research, consulting, and cultural resource assessment are also conducted at this facility.

Osteology Research and Processing Lab

The ORPL is used for forensic anthropological casework and processing donated skeletons from the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility for the Texas State Donated Skeletal Collection. This laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art autopsy and processing suite, cold storage facilities, digital radiographic and photographic equipment, as well as geometric morphometric and other osteometric equipment.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Lab

This facility is a class-1000 cleanroom which is used to support courses in manufacturing engineering. The area used for classes is separated from space for more advanced equipment for research uses; lithography has separated “yellow” rooms.

Equipment in the cleanroom includes:

  2 custom oxide furnaces

  2 custom diffusion systems (n-type and p-type)

  2 photoresist spinners, 100-6000 rpm

  2 custom contact printers

  2 PVD metal deposition systems

  Wet Decks (Photoresist Develop, RCA Clean, Etch, Metal & Oxide)

  1 transparent film thickness system

  1 4-point probe for sheet resistance measurement

  3 oscilloscopes and transistor curve tracers

  2 probing stations

  2 inspection microscopes

  1 digital microscope camera

  1 laser based air particle counter